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artista italianaAlexia Pucci delle Stelle

The Italian artist portrait in Rome: Alexia Pucci delle Stelle is an Italian painter.
She was born in Rome, where she studied at the Art School and then she specialized in religious art. Her artworks were exposed in her hometown, in “Torre Valadier”, in the BNL for Telethon, “One hundred painters of Via Margutta”, which is a traditional arts festival celebrated by citizens, and in the Castello Ducale (Fiano Romano, province of Rome), Also, she won the first prize at the “21st Religious Art Festival” in New York, in 1997 and the first prize in Boston, in 1999.
One of Alexia’s most famous painting, called “The Deposition”, is located in the chapel dedicated to St. Marcellino and St. Pietro, in Rome.
She was a member of “Unione della Legion d’oro” and “Accademia Tiberina”, plus she is a Senior Partner of “One hundred painters of Via Margutta.”
Her masterpieces are shown in the most important public and private art galleries.

Italian artist portrait in Rome

Some outstanding figures, such as the lawyer L. Tallarico and the Cardinal J. Jerome Hamer commented on her painting.  Also, she was mentionated in newspapers like “Il Tempo”, “Secoli d’Italia” and “Il Messaggero.”

“The heart of the artist who paints the Sacred is closer to the Lord.” (Cardinal Jean Jerom Hamer).

“In all her works, you can feel human suffering, spiritual and divine tension in which expressiveness and beauty are in harmony.” (Luigi Tallarico)

Her name is mentioned in the prestigious “Annuario Comanducci” (n. 23, 27 and 28), in the “Avanguardie Artistiche 2006” and “Grandi Maestri“, 2011 edition.

Prize and Honours for the Italian artist portrait in Rome, Alexia.

  • Prize Rembrandt 2006 : 400th anniversary of the birth of the famous Dutch Painter.
  • Top honor to Contemporary Personalities.
  • “Premio Personalità Artistica Europea”: AMART Gallery – Luise Brussels – 4th of May.
    (Literally “Artistic European Personality Prize”)